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College Station, TX 77845

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Here at Lochan Ora we like to keep things simple and flexible.  

We offer as much care, or as little, as you and your horse need.

We can provide full care for your horse, including feeding our hay and our grain twice a day, cleaning the stall, scheduling vet and farrier appointments, and exercising your horse.

Don’t have time to drop by the barn in the mornings before you start your busy day?  Don’t want to haul hay?

We offer partial care for your horse.

We will feed your grain in the mornings and our hay twice a day.  

While feeding in the mornings, we check in on your horse to make sure he/she is not sick or hurt.

You can also choose to provide self care for your horse.  

You feed your horse morning and night, your own grain and your own hay.

Of course we will always be here if you need us to feed for you if you go out of town for the weekend or just can’t get out to the barn .  

Partial Care

Self Care

Full Care

Horse boarding prices start as low at $95 per month.  Call for more details.